Winky's Rides

October 11, 2016

I would like to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored Winky and his Cause for Paws at our local SPCA . It is almost prophetic that Winky passed away there. 
I cannot thank everyone enough for the support , love and everything you have shown in the last few days. It is truly amazing. I cannot name anyone because I would surely leave someone out , at a time like this. I saw Ozzie Osborne on Winky's and my last trip to Las Vegas, he said several times during his show, " I love you all!" he said it first , I say it now! Thank you all.

Winky's popularity was even bigger than I realized. Thanks to each one of you.

Everyone asked about Winky Rides, going on and another pup. The pup was on order from Royalair German Shepherds in Iowa . The plan had been for Winky to train the pup. Now I guess I will be pulling another pup around by hand this spring . 

Hopefully he loves to ride as much as Winky did. We will see. It will always be Winky Rides, only with a new passenger. The Cause for Paws will go on. 

Winky's friends and myself have a few things in the works for his memory and will let everyone know as we get them together. 

Thanks for sharing the ride with us. God bless and Dog be with you! RIP Winky🐾 ❤️, Sandy