Winky's Rides

Wednesday March 23, 2017

So March 20, 2017, a new chapter has begun for my Cause for Paws. We have now added my successor Harry Greb Glides. As noted on my home page I originally was not a fan of the name as I did not think that the little Harry's looks could pull it off, but oh well don't need to repeat myself. So its now been 4 days that little Greb has been the face of Winky Rides and I must admit that I am throughly pleased. He definitely got his feet wet with the puparazzi, visited my vet, the local Harley dealership, which I might add I helped him a little bit from above with a few pointers on how to sit on the bike properly and of course most importantly how to wear the goggles properly and to look darn cute in them.

He did his first radio interview and also had a professional photo shoot, which both went well, but seriously I am a little jealous of all the toys and treats he received thus far. But then again that is one of the perks of being a famous pup carrying on my legacy. I'll just keep reminding him what we stand for and the true meaning of the Winky's Cause for Paws!!! So for now I have to say that I am proud of my Dad Sandy for keeping strong, I know he misses me a lot, but I am always close by, especially now that I have to guide Greb to become a true biker dog!! Keep a look out for my next blog entry next week, but for now take a peek at the video on my home page of Greb's first few days! Paws Up, Love Winky 

P.S. Ok so Greb so kindly reminded me that he also went to the The Centre of Hope, a homeless shelter me and my dad used to go to all the time. They LOVED me there.... Im sure they loved Greb just as much, but who doesn't love a puppy!!! 

And most importantly Greb made his first donation to Winky's Cause for Paws at the FMM SPCA. Dad thinks it was because of his smile, but shhhhhh. we will let them think that, they also had a little paw on their shoulders from old Winkster!!! As I said I am always around and always with him, but I have to let Dad think he is complete control, but as any true dog person knows it is us the four paws that are in control!!!