Winky's Rides

​​My Dad and I stayed in a hotel in Edmonton by my clinic for a week after my surgery. It was on the ground floor with a door to the outside so easy access for me to do my business . Finally we returned home, but everything was changed....

​My doggie door was shut down!!! There was this ramp that some of mine and my Dads friends had built, so I wouldn't have to use the stairs..... My Dad kept telling me that the Vet said my activity had to be restricted for 16 weeks!!!!

​I finally figured out what that meant!I won't even go into the "booties" that my Dad made me wear, because of the cold weather my paw was getting infected, whatever that means... It was embarrassing!!!!!!! 

On a more positive note, there were gifts!!! A-lot of them!!! My friends at The Bone & Biscuit gave me this box before I left, but I wasn't aloud to open it until I came home and well, let me tell you it was worth the wait!!!!

Me and My Cone

Last November (2014) my Dad noticed I was limping , also my girls who walk me from A Walk in the Park,  (a wonderful dog walking business) who help my Dad out when he has to work long shifts noticed it as well. I was trying real hard to hide it as I knew what would come next.... THE VET!!!

The first diagnosis they gave my Dad was Lumbosacral Degenerative Disease, which I knew right away that was wrong, as degenerative means old, and well I am not OLD!!! But none the less my Dad was worried sick, which made me worry as well, but of course I didn't let on to that!

They gave me medication and my limp got worse. So back to the VET we go... This time they took x-rays and found out it was my left knee, which of course I knew all along, but I'm just a dog! So after the x-rays, I hear that person-- the VET say " Winky will be able to ride"! Then my Dad and the VET start talking about this thing called surgery, I know a lot but to be honest I did not know what surgery was, I remember thinking okay more pills! I can tell you now that SURGERY DOES NOT MEAN PILLS! 

 My dad scheduled this thing called tibial realigning surgery a week and half later! My Dad was worried sick, me, well I really wasn't to worried, I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!!  I don't really remember much of the surgery, but what I do know is I WOKE UP WITH HAIR MISSING, MY LEG HURTING WORSE THEN IT DID BEFORE AND THIS THING AROUND MY NECK, THAT I LATER LEARNED IS CALLED A CONE!!!!!