Winky's Rides

My third trip with my Dad we rode through Saskatchewan again , this time to stop in Tantallon. Where my Dad once lived ! We went that way to see my aunt Jodean Howie , who was in the process of kicking cancer's ass ! I am glad to say that she has done it !

We then rode through Willowbunch Saskatchewan to see some more of my Dad's family. I also have a distant cousin in Willowbunch!

We then went through Montana again , and passed through West Yellowstone. This was our first time staying at the Comfort Inn Suites in Helana Montana! I was a huge hit there! They actually have pictures of me hanging in their office!  We go back at least once each trip now! Great people !

On our return, ride We stopped in Red Deer Alberta.  They love me at the Harley Shop there ! While my Dad and I were inside, this stuffed toy just happened to go sailing through the air! Crazy at is sounds, it was a stuffed German Shepherd, with a pink bow,  so my thought.... it was meant for me!!

Truth be told..... I took it upon myself picked out my own toy off of the shelf and got a little excited and it went flying in the air..... CAUGHT!!! 

My Dad and I ride all day most days on a long trip, stopping every hour or hour and half as we have to let Dad do his thing, and of course let me play! It has to be fun for both of us ! Especially Dad! Sometimes we put on 500 to 600 kilometers (300-350 miles) a day. We have ridden as much as 800 kilometers (480 miles) but that is a long day . Sometimes we just say frig it and stay until late checkout, walk and laze around! If we like a place or decide to go a bit off of the route we do! Always try to have enough time to not rush! Other days we are up and gone with the sun! We walk every morning before we ride and also at night after! My Dad is almost always a hit at whatever hotel we stay at, mostly because of me, lets face it how many Harley riding German Shepherds are there? 

Our second trip to Las Vegas we went over into Sakatchewan and across , Montana into Idaho and then Utah ! We crossed West Yellowstone ! We came across some kids in the town of Caliente which is North of Las Vegas that had a Lemonade stand so Dad stopped and had some and well I had some water.


We passed the entrance to Death Valley on our way south to Las Vegas from Fallon! We rode around Glacier MountainPark on our return trip ! Also part of the Highway to the Sun ! We put on over 7000 kilometers on that trip ! Over 4000 miles !

Me and my Dad's first ride to Las Vegas was in September 2009, I was three years old! We rode through Montana, Idaho and crossed the top of Nevada , Route 50 , America's Lonliest Road! Part of an old Pony Express Route! Beautiful road! Stephen King got the idea to write his book Desperation while travelling this route!